Silver anodized recessed mounted aluminum profile 23/15mm(W) x 40mm(D), ceiling cutout width 16mm, with opal semi translucent sealed encapsulation, protection grade IP67, Standard: CV DC24V, 320lm/m, 16W/m, warm white 3300K, CRI80 (optional RGB, RGBW, other CCT, red, blue, green).

We are able to deliver the same aluminum profile, but protection grad IP40 for indoor applications including either a clear translucent or semi opal polycarbonate profile.

Mounting instruction: The support is made of an anodized extruded aluminum frame which makes it possible to first fix AWP2 or AWM2 to the wall/ceiling. AWP2 will only slide into EA2, where else AWM2 (as well completely hides the cabling) has a snapping functionality.